Your design,

artwork or logo can be turned into an embroidered masterpiece with our help. If you don't have artwork, we would be happy to create something to your specifications. Supply us with basic information and we will get started on a design created especially for your or your company.

If you plan on e-mailing us your artwork, please try to keep the file size relatively small. If possible, do not exceed 1 MB in size. If your artwork is 300dpi or higher, you may bring the image on a CD to the store or send it to our mailing address along with your contact info. CDs will not be returned — we archive all designs for future orders.

Your design must not be larger than 10x14 inches. If your artwork needs to be larger, please contact a member of our creative team to discuss options. Size restrictions for specific garments are:

Caps & Hats: 2.5"x5" maximum

Front Crest Logo: 5"x5" maximum

Garment Back, Blanket, etc.: 10"x14" maximum

File Sizes

Design Limitations

We can handle just about any graphic file format, but we recommend you send your artwork in high resolution BMP, GIF, JPEG or TIFF format.

You may email your design or logo to

File Formats